About Pradexx

PRADEXX, is a full PCI DSS level 1 processing solution company. All the founders have been working in the payment industry for over ten years and extensive experience in the field. The company has expertise in all aspects of processing payment solutions, including provision of payment gateway services for merchants, credit or direct payment processing solutions and numerous, and other innovative technological solutions.

At PRADEXX, our core value is to continuously optimize our ability to match our clients’ needs with state of the art payment platforms.

The payment market is a complex system with a multitude of different sectors and interactions; Regulations, Acquiring Banks, Acceptance Rates, Issuer banks, Credit Company’s policies and more.

We strive to make the whole payment process as easy and simple both for the client and the bank, sharing our accumulated experience and unique knowledge with our exquisite client, providing a holistic solution for all their payment needs.

Consumer behavior and payment studies show that customers are looking for more than technical solutions from their payment solution providers. Our goal as a company is to satisfy the whole array of consumer demands, from cutting edge technology to customizing personal advice services. We believe in the POWER OF SIMPLICITY, making every process as simple and as effective as possible, creating and offering an array of easy and seamless payment solutions that our clients deserve.

Security obviously takes is of great importance, we know that consumers are highly concerned with data security and fraud protection. Therefore our tech team is dedicated to provide the most up to date security solutions to ensure that our clients remain calm and secure all the time.

our experience has taught us that in order to deliver a distinct user experience, we need to focus on two additional values that are highly important; service and professional advice, are the leading core values that we focus on to provide a holistic payment solution experience for our clients.

As a company we believe in offering our clients the best tools for success. We take pride in our exquisite personal consultant services, creating tailor made solutions to optimize our clients’ enterprises.